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Are you Faceless?

With the growth of technology at the current advanced rate and the global business market linked together like never before, you can now complete just about every function needed in business without being “face-to-face” with the other person. Faceless Technologies has adapted to this “Flat World” thinking but without losing the importance of the client, their goals, and to maintain the highest level of customer service.


Our clients have many needs from small to large. From fast turnaround printing jobs to complete marketing campaigns. From the way people perceive a business, to an increase in sales, to a product launch. We quickly determine and respond to our client’s objectives. The process involves taking the time to learn about our client, their business, their products and their target market. We develop preliminary ideas for our client to review, and then listen carefully, make any possible needed adjustments. When everyone agrees that things are “on track” we execute the plan of action.


We study & learn about your business and your target market and how to touch them on an emotional level that will drive them to an action towards your business


Although the process seems simple, most companies have a hard time developing an integrated marketing strategy that includes an approach that actually ENGAGES their prospective audience.


We begin by understanding the needs you are trying to solve before jumping into a solution.


We believe that consistency between promotional tools is vital to a marketing plan. We can incorporate your existing design style or create a new one to take your company image to the next level of progression.


We understand how important budgets are and how necessary it is to maintain consistency once a budget has been set in place. We complete the planning in advance, share our thoughts with you and do what it takes to complete the project, on time and within budget.


Many business people think marketing means only promotion and advertising. As a full service marketing firm, we know from our experience that marketing actually covers everything including new business or product development, public/press relations, market research, company culture, company positioning, and even all of the sales functions as well. It’s the process by which a business decides what it is that they will sell, who will buy it, when will this be done, and how it is done.


It is the methods used by a company to publicize and position its products and/or services to its chosen market sectors, including product launches, image and brand building, press and public relations activities, merchandising (supporting and promoting the product in retail or wholesale outlets), special offers, generating leads and inquiries, and creating incentives to distributors, agents, and salespeople.


Advertising and promotion methods are sometimes described as “above the line” (media advertising such as radio, TV, cinema, newspaper and magazines) or “below the line” (non media methods or materials such as brochures, direct-mail, exhibitions, telemarketing, and public relations).


We can take a start-up business, build up their identity while we build revenue or we can build brand awareness of an established business.


We have many years in this industry and have excelled due to the fact that we love what we do. We have many testimonials from our current and past clients and have maintained an extremely high loyalty due to our actions and results.


We look forward to working with your firm and reaching every goal you set forth for us to achieve.


About fullservicemarketingfirm

Faceless Technologies is a Full Service Marketing Firm providing Graphic Design, printing, direct mail, social media, seo, public relations, viral marketing, multimedia and everything needed for your business to succeed.

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