Generate leads Through Media Exposure

If you’re like most business people, the first of the year is a time of reflection for past successes and failures and a time for planning a path for the next year. To be successful, we need to stop doing the things that aren’t working and do more of the things that are! For many, this means having to change old habits or break long-term relationships. Sayings like “This is the way we’ve always done it” don’t work anymore. Today the internet is becoming a very large part of a successful business marketing plan. Your clients are using Smart phones and iPhones for their everyday searches. It’s time to update your website and begin an internet marketing program—something that can really help grow your business.

Getting media exposure is one of the best ways to drive a ton of traffic to your website. Traffic that can turn into leads and, eventually, into paying clients. This type of exposure works because it helps establish you as an expert, something few other forms of marketing can do as well (or as quickly). It also gets you in front of prospective clients who possibly wouldn’t have heard about you through other marketing vehicles. Just as important, it brings down your prospects’ defenses and allows you to communicate your value more openly and without having to overcome direct buyer objections. That’s because when most people see you mentioned in an article or featured on the news, they feel you’re providing them with valuable or interesting information, and not necessarily selling your services directly.

What exactly does pitching the media involve? Mainly, it’s about contacting media outlets that would be potentially interested in your story. You can pitch to your local TV, radio, newspaper, or even national media. Local media often covers news specific to your area, and oftentimes you are afforded the opportunity to provide more personal information. National media pitches will need to have more of a broad appeal, since it reaches a larger audience. Think about what’s unique about you, your story or your services and how it can relate to a newsworthy event or holiday. Then, start drafting a rough pitch idea based on that hook or unique angle. Having a Unique Selling Point in your “Elevator Pitch” will help bring interest in your brand while maintaining something special that attracts potential clients. Circulate your message and present your product and service in the form of “newsworthy content”. The trick is exactly that: you want to create a press release/article or story that appears to be news, rather than an advertisement. A well-written online news release is a great asset. We will post tips and some basic help on how to write a great press release coming up shortly.

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