Top 10 ways you can market on a shoestring budget

  1. Post amazing content on your blog

Your blog will be the foundation of all your other marketing efforts. It is where you direct visitors, nurture relationships and capture leads. Be sure to regularly post content that meets the needs and interests of your audience.

  1. Create a Google My Business account.

If you want your business to show up in local search, a Google My Business account is a necessity. This will make sure your business is not only visible on search, but on Google Maps and Google+ as well.

  1. Build a free (or cheap) email list.

Every business owner should have an email list! But when you are just starting out, you likely don’t want to commit to the monthly fee that many email management services charge. Fortunately, most offer a free option for businesses with smaller lists. For instance, MailChimp offers its service for free for businesses with fewer than 2,000 subscribers. And when you are ready to take things to the next level, aWeber starts at just $19/month.

  1. Attend local networking events.

Check out local business events on, or see what events your local chamber or small business association is hosting.

  1. Create a free Yelp listing.

If you are a local business, consider adding your business to Yelp. It’s free, and can be a great way to increase your visibility in the search engines.

  1. Create a Facebook group.

Create a topical Facebook group that your prospects would be eager to join. Center it around a topic or theme, not around your business. For instance, a marketer could create a group called “Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners.”

  1. Create eye-catching business cards.

Making your business cards stand out from the pack can get you noticed at live business events. Faceless Technologies has some of the national leading creative designs available. We are currently running some of the best specials on Plastic Business cards nationwide!

  1. Offer amazing free info on social media.

As a marketing strategist, I can’t leave this one out! Share valuable information with your social media fans and followers, and become a trusted expert in your industry. Wondering what you should share? Stay tuned to our write ups so that you can find out.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook’s and Google’s free ad credits.

Facebook and Google are always giving away free ad credit vouchers. Take advantage of the free vouchers they offer and take PPC advertising for a test drive.

  1. Make Sure your business is listed on a few Key High PR Ranking Webpages and Yellow Pages ( )are great along with and other business listing sites such as these. Start here and contact us for a couple more for free ( send an email to with your domain, business name and number and we will send you right back at least 5 additional links you should be using at no cost to you)


BONUS. Remember your brand is always open.

Understand that the experience your customers get from working with you is always on. So Have your answering service for after hours calls or your auto –reply for emails bring a smile to someone’s face. We liked this idea we saw once that said “We’re Sorry. We are so exhausted from giving such great customer service that we needed a little sleep. Leave us your info and we will get back to you in the morning when we are nice and refreshed!”

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Great Email Ideas to Keep In Your Back Pocket

Great Email Ideas to Have in Your Back Pocket

We send email on behalf of our many fabulous clients every day. We see a lot of things that work well and a few that don’t quite deliver as well as they could. When it comes to email, there are a host of variables that make the difference.


Keep the Subject Lines & Who it is From Honest Clear & Concise

Authenticity matters when you are growing an online relationship. Your email should be from the featured organization and the subject should capture the value of the email (in 7-8 words ideally).

Target Wisely

Simply put, you should never send email to people who don’t want to hear from you.

Avoid excessive capitalization

Too many caps trigger spam filters and firewalls so keep CAPS to a minimum for best delivery.

Send times do make a difference

People are more likely to open email they receive while they are online. In the b2b space, late morning mid-week tested well for our clients.

Mimic your branding

The inbox is a great place to make a good impression, but make sure the impression you’re making reflects well on your brand.

Add multi-media components

If you’re sending emails that look and work like a pdf, there’s room for improvement. Add links to video, audio, slideshows and image galleries. If you give your audience more dynamic content you’ll be rewarded with a more engaged following.

Avoid Spammy words

Words like “free”, “attention”, and “act now” trigger spam filters so make your writing clear and straight forward, avoiding jargon and sales words.

Include Web Links

While many of your subscribers are now viewing your email on an iphone, ipad, or the latest blackberry, others might still be viewing on an old desktop. Make sure everyone on your list can get your information in a format that works for their system by including links to mobile and web versions.

No Attachments

In our ongoing survey of the media and in the feedback we receive from the many people who get emails sent from our IP address, we constantly hear complaints about senders who include unwanted attachments. Use links and web forms to share your content and avoid attachments.

Do you know your USP??

If you need some help in identifying your own particular
“USP”, try this little exercise: On a sheet of paper, write down this sentence: “Most businesses in my industry do_____________. But what we do is _______________.” As the blank spaces suggest, I want you to write in whatever it is that sets you apart from others in your same line or field of practice – what YOU do that they don’t or can’t do. That’s your Unique Selling Proposition.

Now…Do you know what your Elevator Speech is??

Generate leads Through Media Exposure

If you’re like most business people, the first of the year is a time of reflection for past successes and failures and a time for planning a path for the next year. To be successful, we need to stop doing the things that aren’t working and do more of the things that are! For many, this means having to change old habits or break long-term relationships. Sayings like “This is the way we’ve always done it” don’t work anymore. Today the internet is becoming a very large part of a successful business marketing plan. Your clients are using Smart phones and iPhones for their everyday searches. It’s time to update your website and begin an internet marketing program—something that can really help grow your business.

Getting media exposure is one of the best ways to drive a ton of traffic to your website. Traffic that can turn into leads and, eventually, into paying clients. This type of exposure works because it helps establish you as an expert, something few other forms of marketing can do as well (or as quickly). It also gets you in front of prospective clients who possibly wouldn’t have heard about you through other marketing vehicles. Just as important, it brings down your prospects’ defenses and allows you to communicate your value more openly and without having to overcome direct buyer objections. That’s because when most people see you mentioned in an article or featured on the news, they feel you’re providing them with valuable or interesting information, and not necessarily selling your services directly.

What exactly does pitching the media involve? Mainly, it’s about contacting media outlets that would be potentially interested in your story. You can pitch to your local TV, radio, newspaper, or even national media. Local media often covers news specific to your area, and oftentimes you are afforded the opportunity to provide more personal information. National media pitches will need to have more of a broad appeal, since it reaches a larger audience. Think about what’s unique about you, your story or your services and how it can relate to a newsworthy event or holiday. Then, start drafting a rough pitch idea based on that hook or unique angle. Having a Unique Selling Point in your “Elevator Pitch” will help bring interest in your brand while maintaining something special that attracts potential clients. Circulate your message and present your product and service in the form of “newsworthy content”. The trick is exactly that: you want to create a press release/article or story that appears to be news, rather than an advertisement. A well-written online news release is a great asset. We will post tips and some basic help on how to write a great press release coming up shortly.

Keep an eye out for more tips for the DIY small business owner. Need some assistance? Contact one of our great team members, and know that we have created solutions for just about EVERY budget that was presented to us.

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SEO Tip – How To Add Your Business to Online Yellow Pages For Free

SEO BONUS Tip For your website:
How to List Your Business in the Yellow Pages For Free

The Yellow Pages, a commercial directory that lists information about companies by area, is now available to both offline and online searchers. Once you list your business in the Yellow Pages, that information sometimes gets distributed in other directories as well. It’s very simple to complete the process of listing your company in this popular directory for businesses.

Go to, one of the main online outlets for Yellow Pages listings. Click the blue “add your free listing”.Enter your business phone number to see if it’s already in the Yellow Pages. If not, you’ll be given the option to start a new listing for free. Enter your full business name, address and your website URL if you wish. You can add more than one phone number in your Yellow Pages listing using this service.Choose a business category that best describes your company and submit your information for review.

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Are you Faceless? Is your Business?

Are you Faceless?

This is the question you should be asking about your company, identity, brand or website.


Are your products/services in front of the individuals who are looking for them? Or are they Invisible?

How do your prospective clients find you? How do they find your competition?

These are some of the questions we will ask when we are creating the proper campaign for you that has the highest level of ROI that we can provide for your marketing. On this blog you will read about the many products and services we provide as well as many tips and information about a variety of marketing tools such as: Graphic Design, Printing, Direct Mail, Public Relations, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and much more.

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